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Some time ago, there was a lot of controversy with the talk of matching or constructing living things through the genetic information of organisms such as mammoths; In this regard, it is interesting to know that many experts and scholars believe in the ability of modern technology and knowledge to resurrect dinosaurs and primitive human ancestors, and believe that it is possible to replicate such creatures!

One of these experts was the famous physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who is always known for his comments on exciting and science fiction topics.

Kaku, who currently teaches at a university in New York, said in a recent interview that it is possible to implement the idea of ​​films such as Jurassic Park and to match organisms through genetic information, but in various fields, these scientific works present their own challenges. They create.

Resurrecting dinosaurs and early humans

While Kaku and other scientists have roughly the same views on the genetic cloning of mammoths and other prehistoric creatures, the debate over the assimilation of Neanderthals, known as primitive humans and whose extinction spanned tens of thousands of years ago, is a little more controversial.

About us

We are a research company in Asia that works to bring dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures to life. Our company token is a dinodot whose proceeds from transactions are used to carry out our research project.


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关于我们:我们是一家在亚洲的研究公司,致力于将恐龙和史前生物带入生活。 我们公司的代币是一个恐龙,其交易收益被用于开展我们的研究项目。

О нас: Мы – исследовательская компания в Азии, которая работает над оживлением динозавров и доисторических существ. Токен нашей компании – это динодот, доходы от транзакций которого используются для выполнения нашего исследовательского проекта.

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Our colleagues altered the ies of chicken embryos in the early stages of their development and were able to produce snout-bearing creatures that became extinct during the Cretaceous..

This scientific revelation of the return of evolution could pave the way for the world to change in other directions and use the same process to build better species that are adaptable to the Earth’s climate..

This achievement can help eliminate birth defects in human infants.
Arkhat Abzhanov created these lizard-nosed chicks by piercing their eggshells and injecting a grain of gelatinous protein before embryonic development begins. We hope to be able to expand this project and bring it to life in a new way.

These changes allow separate molecules in the egg medium to grow and become snouts within 14 days. We hope that one day the chickens can be transformed into the dinosaur Maniraptura.

These changes were made by analyzing the signaling molecules that control physical changes in birds and other organisms.

Adding protein to eggs, which stops the growth of certain molecules, also prevents the growth of certain characteristics in the bird. Manirapturas were small dinosaurs that gave birth to a collection of thousands of birds around the world..


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First quarter 2022:

Confirmation and finalization of dinodot and bnb token pair transaction in Bibipom
Start the integration process with WhiteBit and correspondence with changelly
Expand the team
Start marketing campaigns.

Second quarter 2022:

Complete integration with White Beat
Complete the application, Dinodot wallet
NFT exchange design
Establishment of charity and charity voting system
Dinodot exchange design
35% expansion of the team
Designing an educational application in the field of crypto.

Third quarter 2022:

Complete and finalize the educational application
Launching a charity project owned by Dinodot
Completion and finalization of NFT exchange
25% expansion of the team
Holding a meeting of community members
Presence in other large exchange offices.

Fourth quarter 2022:

Completion of exchange and charity project
Complete the first Asian market plan and start another plan in Asia
Establish a branch in As ia and hire people to create jobs
Get help for a charity project.

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